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Join Dr. Brian Gill and the Gill Mindful Voice Training team to unlock your best voice! Through in person and online voice lessons, GMVT gives you access to unique and highly effective tools designed through Dr. Gill’s synthesis of research and practice. We will help free your voice and unleash your innate ability to communicate!

About GMVT

Gill Mindful Voice Training is a culmination of over 30 years of voice teaching, professional singing in multiple genres, research, and mindfulness training. The unique tools employed by our GMVT team of teachers are designed to elicit specific, fast results which help unlock voices.

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Ruthie Ann Miles

2015 Tony Award Winner for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical (The King & I)
Dr. Brian Gill has been my most resonant cheerleader for nearly 18 years. He has rehabilitated me through life’s vocally thickest moments when healthy phonating seemed impossible, and has coached me through the soaring heights of a Tony Award. Over the years he has freed my voice, and even helped open up my register an octave+ higher than before.
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Keith Jameson

Internationally Acclaimed Operatic Tenor - Regularly performs at The Metropolitan Opera
Brian and I have been working together for over 12 years. I hold him as a teacher of the highest regard and a trusted friend. Either in lessons in New York or on Skype, he has aided me in strengthening my voice, range, stamina, breathing, support, and resonance. He is skilled in various languages that have helped me in
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Kirsten Wyatt

Actor/Singer - 9 Broadway Roles including Lily St. Regis in Annie
I’ve been studying with Dr. Brian Gill since 2007 after running into some vocal issues from a career of belting on Broadway and in regional theaters around the country. I can truly say without any hesitation that Brian is the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. He has changed my entire approach to singing 8 shows a week, and
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Nic Rouleau

Singer/Actor - Longest Running Elder Price in Book of Mormon on Broadway
I had the honor of studying with Brian Gill throughout all four years of my education at NYU Steinhardt. In addition to being an all-around upstanding gentleman, Brian is one of the smartest vocal technicians I have ever encountered. What I love most about Brian’s approach to the voice is that it’s very versatile in terms of style. His
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Evy Ortiz

Musical Theater/Classical Singer/Actress - Maria in Broadway Tour of West Side Story
I was lucky to meet Dr. Brian Gill over 10 years ago and have studied with him ever since. My voice has grown technically and expressively under his guidance. With the tools he’s given me I’ve been able to sustain a full singing schedule which sometimes includes 8 shows a week. Not only does he teach a technique that
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Brian Giebler

Grammy-Nominated and Critically Acclaimed Tenor and Crossover Artist
I have been studying with Dr. Gill for 8 years. I quickly realized that Dr. Gill individualizes his approach for each singer, rather than molding everyone into a particular sound or fold. For years, I was told what my voice ‘should’ sound like. In contrast, Dr. Gill listens to each student with open, informed ears and can quickly tweak
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Jennifer Casey Cabot

Opera Singer/Voice Teacher & MD/DC NATS Board Member - Performed at Metropolitan Opera &
My experience with Dr. Brian Gill began with a Gill Mindful Voice Training workshop in NYC in October 2016. I found the workshop to be very informative and useful. I learned some semi occluded vocal tract exercises that I have put to work for myself and my students. I also really appreciated his lecture on vocal physiology. He uses
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Joan Lader

Voice Therapist/Teacher
Caring, creative and competent…I’m so happy to have Brian as a colleague. I’ve observed, on many occasions, Dr. Gill’s passion and gift for linking vocal pedagogy and science to the creative process.
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Ken Helman

Singer/Pianist/Voice Educator/Composer - Toured with Sting
Though having a long and varied career as a performer and teacher, it was always my custom to seek further study throughout my life. I discovered Brian Gill at NYU, and began a two year intensive program as a private student with him. Though my voice wasn’t presenting specific problems, Brian opened a whole new world for me in
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Rachael Crossman

Voice Teacher/Opera Singer/Actor
I am a singer and voice teacher in the Phoenix area.  I studied Vocal Pedagogy with Dr. Gill at New York University for 2 years in 2013-2014.  I was SO excited when they offered the Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive as an online stream!!  I teach elementary and middle school aged voice students and find the GMVT approach to
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Nick Herman

Music Director Vocal Coach, Royal Caribbean International
I began working with Dr. Gill when I was in graduate school at NYU and studied with him for three years there. I instantly felt my singing become easier, more consistent, and less “mysterious.” I was lucky enough to study with him in the pedagogy program as well, and spent countless hours watching him teach others. I use the
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Katie Harman Ebner

Lyric Soprano & Miss America 2002 & Owner/Voice Instructor - Songbird Studio
It was an honor and delight to attend the Gill Mindful Voice Training Pedagogy Intensive with renowned innovators Dr. Brian Gill and Dr. Johan Sundberg. The findings presented, as well as the tools for practical application, have significantly shaped the way I prepare/present as a professional performer, and how I instruct my voice students. I have never encountered a
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Deborah Popham

Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive Attendee
Today in a lesson I was teaching, my student said both, “This is awesome,” and “this is so much fun.”  I am officially a Gillian! (Is that a word?)  Thank you Dr. Gill and the willing participants of the master classes for the practical application of the information learned last week!
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Molly Webb

Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive Attendee​
I have to say, I was skeptical about whether or not I’d find a way to use the techniques I learned on my students learning contemporary music (all of them), and I ended up using the information on every single one of them today, to amazing effect.  One of them shouted with joy at how even her vibrato became
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Margaret Gordon

Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive Attendee
Finally got a chance to practice these concepts on myself and wow!  “The Doll Song” flew through my instrument like a breeze.  It used to give me some trouble, now finding high notes I didn’t know I had.  I am in awe and sooooo grateful for last week!!  Thank you Dr. Gill!
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Dan Lyng

Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive Attendee
I had a soprano student add a perfect fourth to her range today… Needless to say, Dr. Brian Gill knows what he’s talking about!
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Eden Casteel

President, Rhode Island Chapter of NATS,
Singer/actress & Owner of Eden Casteel Music Studio
I met Dr. Gill at the Gill Mindful Voice Training Pedagogy Intensive in 2015.  There was only one goal: healthy, expressive singing. But through GMVT, he gave us teachers scores of different ways to make it happen!  I appreciate Dr. Gill’s balanced application of scientific evaluation and creative pedagogy.  If anyone could make formant study exciting, he could.  There’s
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Zac Bradford

Gill Mindful Voice Training Intensive Attendee
Attending the Gill Mindful Voice Training Pedagogy Intensive in 2015 was a highlight of my year.  The program was structured and delivered superbly!  It was a treat to listen to and talk with some of the world’s leading authorities in the field of voice, from various disciplines (voice practitioners, researchers, medical specialists etc.).  I was thrilled that the detailed
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Al Brightbill

NATS-LA Treasurer
Brian was fantastic!  In fact, it’s the first presentation of a “scientific” nature that made sense to me because he explained the Voce Vista from a pragmatic and usable perspective and he’s a wonderful man as well. A true “Mensch.”  Bravo!!!!      
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NATS-LA November 2014

One could sense the excitement in the air, as people were already remarking how quickly Dr. Gill managed to demystify some of the more baffling concepts of vocal science.
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Sue Secrist

NATS-LA Member
Thank you again for our recent NATS Symposium. The venue was lovely, the attendance just right, the students well prepared, and our master teacher/lecture was outstanding.  The breadth and depth of knowledge displayed by Dr. Brian Gill, combined with his personal charm, and his ability to quickly accomplish a worth-while change in each of our singing students, proved the
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Margaret Dehning

NATS-LA Board Member
I’m so glad I made the trip to Pepperdine to attend the symposium.  Dr. Gill’s presentation was great.  It was interesting and “user-friendly.”  I must admit that I shy away from the new generation of computer generated feedback to help us better inform our students.  But I “got it” this time, mainly because of Dr. Gill’s presentation.  He was
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Continuing Education

A primary mission of Gill Mindful Voice Training is to empower voice users with knowledge and awareness. Through our training videos, lectures and courses, you will gain insight into the nuanced function of the voice and develop a deeper understanding of the link between voice research and practical application.

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