Jennifer Casey Cabot

My experience with Dr. Brian Gill began with a Gill Mindful Voice Training workshop in NYC in October 2016. I found the workshop to be very informative and useful. I learned some semi occluded vocal tract exercises that I have put to work for myself and my students. I also really appreciated his lecture on vocal physiology. He uses pedagogically correct language and manages to make it relevant to singing in all styles. I sang during the workshop as well and was able to experience Dr. Gill’s approach first hand. I found his feedback to be specific and helpful and experienced the ease with which he can diagnose and encourage change. I have since had a skype lesson with him and plan on having them again. Meeting Dr. Brian Gill made me feel like I found not only a teacher but a community of teachers, that are looking to improve the world of vocal teaching to include anatomically correct language and a much more thorough understanding of how the human voice works for opera, musical theater and pop singing.