Evy Ortiz

I was lucky to meet Dr. Brian Gill over 10 years ago and have studied with him ever since. My voice has grown technically and expressively under his guidance. With the tools he’s given me I’ve been able to sustain a full singing schedule which sometimes includes 8 shows a week. Not only does he teach a technique that feels good on the voice, he is always the most supportive cheerleader of his students. He has helped me with last minute voice lessons and kept me in shape even while on tour through skype lessons. Most importantly, he has always encouraged me to love my voice and to sing as authentically as possibly. So many teachers teach a confusing technique that involves “muscling” through singing. Brian is the complete opposite, helping you to find the easiest way to sing with a true flow. Furthermore, he has given me the tools to self correct myself and be mindful of how I’m performing. He truly loves all things voice and imparting that to his students in such a positive environment. I am grateful beyond words for his guidance these past years and look forward to our many lessons in the future!