Gill Mindful Voice Training

A culmination of over 30 years of voice teaching, professional singing in multiple genres, research, and mindfulness training. Dr. Brian Gill’s interdisciplinary journey has resulted in an approach to voice that aims to more clearly unite voice research with practical application. The unique tools employed by our GMVT team of teachers are designed to elicit specific, fast results which help unlock voices. With options for in person and online voice lessons, our team caters to the needs of each individual and sheds light on a path toward vocal freedom and expressivity.

Voice Training

Voice training traditionally has been guided by aesthetic preference, using imagery and modeling to affect changes in the voice. While this approach can be effective for some, it often results in confusion and frustration, both on the part of the student and the teacher. Gill Mindful Voice Training answers this dilemma by providing highly effective training tools with foundational explanations of how they work. Airflow and Resonance are fundamental elements of voice production, and both influence the way your vocal folds vibrate. Coordinating these systems is at the heart of effective voice training, and knowing how to elicit optimal balance is crucial in promoting vocal health and a sustainable technique. Imagine knowing why you are doing what you are doing! Understanding the process is the key element to feeling motivated to remain on your path to success. With original, highly impactful tools, and a fresh approach, employing greater specificity with more well-known voice exercises, students will feel part of this exciting process as their voice gets unlocked!


A practice of living deeply through being fully aware in the present moment, has been linked with improvement in quality of life and an increased ability to process information. Dr. Gill began his mindfulness practice over 20 years ago upon discovering the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh (nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King) and has found it to be positively life-altering. The GMVT approach helps a person focus their mind on what is happening, while it is happening. With this heightened awareness, an individual will more quickly develop their proprioception (ability to sense stimuli in the body) and become aware of positive, beneficial thoughts, and dismiss negative, counterproductive thoughts. GMVT teachers specialize in this approach and are dedicated to creating a positive and encouraging learning environment for all voice clients.

How can we help?

All of us have something to say (or sing!), but when our voice feels trapped, we have trouble sharing our ideas clearly and effectively. Here at Gill Mindful Voice Training, we are committed to helping you realize your potential and understand the journey. While a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, deep understanding is empowering and leads to freedom of voice! Learning any physical coordination involves a process that requires mindfulness over time. Singing is no different. With the GMVT approach, using greater specificity, we focus on building and coordinating your voice so it will last a lifetime and thrill listeners!

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