Ruthie Ann Miles

Dr. Brian Gill has been my most resonant cheerleader for nearly 18 years. He has rehabilitated me through life’s vocally thickest moments when healthy phonating seemed impossible, and has coached me through the soaring heights of a Tony Award. Over the years he has freed my voice, and even helped open up my register an octave+ higher than before. He has empowered me to speak, sing, and most importantly, think about my voice in a mindful, technical way that gives me confidence in any genre of music and performance. Dr. Gill is an excellent communicator, especially when my left or right brain are confused. He is relentless in seeking vocal technique perfection, but he is such a listener, a kind-hearted and generous teacher, that I have always felt safe crafting my instrument together. Dr. Gill is truly leading the way in vocal pedagogy and health. I am honored to call him teacher, friend and mentor.