Nick Herman

I began working with Dr. Gill when I was in graduate school at NYU and studied with him for three years there. I instantly felt my singing become easier, more consistent, and less “mysterious.” I was lucky enough to study with him in the pedagogy program as well, and spent countless hours watching him teach others. I use the skills I learned every day as I rehearse singers.  I find the approach differs in that it focuses on efficiency and stability. Those words don’t sound all that exciting by themselves, but for live singing (and where I work-live singing that often involves moving/dancing) this focus makes an incredible difference. This method bridges the gap between the industry expectations and the “traditional” timbre focused vocal training in schools. When the voice is lined up, my singers are able to express themselves artistically. His technique allows for the ideas that singers are striving for in their musical ear to come straight out of their mouths and be heard clearly. I find that I’m able to give fewer notes than other directors because I am able to focus on lining up the voice first, and this solves a myriad of problems. Brian brings the latest scientific information in teaching and boils it down to applicable techniques that make a difference quickly. His passion and sense of humor make learning from him even more enjoyable.