Brian Giebler

I have been studying with Dr. Gill for 8 years. I quickly realized that Dr. Gill individualizes his approach for each singer, rather than molding everyone into a particular sound or fold. For years, I was told what my voice ‘should’ sound like. In contrast, Dr. Gill listens to each student with open, informed ears and can quickly tweak or diagnose every aspect — even on a Skype lesson — helping to create an even flow and consistent sound for every individual voice. He works to find your truest sound, your most healthy, vibrant voice! Teaching voice isn’t a ‘job’ for him; it’s his true passion. He is continuously learning himself, including by collaborating with the world’s best pedagogues. Almost every lesson, he tells me about some new scientific study or exciting discovery about the human voice. His love for his craft and passion sets him apart as a voice teacher. Finally, but most importantly, Brian is one of the kindest, most genuine, caring humans I’ve ever met. Every moment with him is a delight, met by laughter and excitement at every lesson.