Saturday - October 15, 2016
9:15am to 6:30pm
3:00pm to 6:30pm (masterclass only)
New York City

Gill Mindful Voice Training’s seminar & masterclass is aimed to heighten each individual’s awareness of how to engage in highly effective, authentic and sustainable vocal performance.  Sessions will be primarily taught by Gill Mindful Voice Training founder, Dr. Brian Gill.

The program is specifically geared for:

  • Voice Teachers
  • Singers & Actors
  • Choral Conductors
  • Singing Voice Specialists
  • Music Teachers (K-12)

Schedule Overview

Over the course of the day, participants will:

  • Learn how to mindfully apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and acoustics of the voice in both singing and voice training.
  • Observe open masterclasses where the rationale for the adjustments is discussed in real-time, including the ties between technique and expressivity.
  • Explore specific training tools that elicit healthy, sustainable voice production.
  • Discover the criteria for mindful repertoire selection.  Multiple genres and voice types will be discussed.
  • Learn ways to care for the professional voice user by one of NYU Voice Center’s laryngologists.


  • Dr. Brian Gill, Founder of Gill Mindful Voice Training ; Associate Professor of Voice & Voice Pedagogy (Indiana University – Jacobs School of Music)
  • Prof. Jeremy Aye, Adjunct Professor of Voice (New York University – Steinhardt); Voice Faculty (Prague Summer Nights)
  • Dr. Paul Kwak, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery; laryngologist & laryngeal surgeon at The NYU Voice Center (New York University Langone Medical Center)


Multiple registration options are available to meet the needs of interested attendees.

Seminar & Masterclass (9:15am-6:30pm)

  • ​​Standard Registration: $200
  • Students with valid ID: $175

Masterclass only (3:00-6:30pm)

  • ​​Standard Registration: $125
  • Students with valid ID: $100

Live Stream Access (9:15am-6:30pm)

  • Full Day Live Stream Registration: $100
  • Payment is due in full at time of registration either by check or Venmo (@mindfulvoiceprod)
  • Cancellations: 75% refunded before October 1st; 50% refunded starting October 1st; no refunds after October 10th

Live Streaming

A live stream of the day’s events (both seminar and masterclass) will be made available for registered viewers on YouTube.  When registering, please select the “Livestream” option.  Those who register for this option MUST have a gmail account in order to access the private live stream.  On the morning of the seminar, an email will be sent directly to Livestream registrants containing the private access link to view the live stream.

Schedule of Events

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Seminar & Masterclass Descriptions

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Anatomy of the Larynx (Dr. Gill)
This session will involve a detailed discussion of the important structures of the larynx; including intrinsic and extrinsic musculature and vocal fold morphology.

Mindfulness in Breathing
How do we breathe?  This talk will provide a detailed explanation of the breath cycle, including the most effective teaching techniques employed to enhance the use of the respiratory system as it relates to vocal performance.

Mindfulness in Phonation
How do the vocal folds vibrate?  This session will highlight the cause of vocal fold vibration and will include a discussion of different phonation types (pressed, neutral, flow, breathy).  Special attention will be given to sub-glottal pressure, tracheal pull and the effects of different types of breathing on phonation.

Mindfulness in Resonance & Articulation
What is resonance?  This session will explain resonance and how articulation factors into the acoustics of the vocal tract.


Mindfulness in Repertoire Selection (Prof. Aye)
This session will focus on the different aspects of vocal repertoire that teachers should consider when assigning pieces to a student, including range, tessitura, accompaniment texture, language, vowels, dramatic circumstance, level of musicianship required, etc.

Repertoire Suggestions
Suggestions for assigning specific repertoire will be offered for varied genres, voice types & skill levels.


Open Masterclass: Application in Performance(Dr. Gill)

During the open masterclass, the changes made to a singer’s technique and/or musicality and expression will be discussed in detail using a vocabulary born of the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and acoustics as well as music perception.

This masterclass is designed for attendee participation.
When registering, attendees will be asked if they would like to perform in the masterclass.
All genres are encouraged (classical, musical theater, pop, rock, country, jazz, spoken monologue, etc.).
An accompanist will be provided for singers. 


Care of the Professional Voice (Dr. Kwak)
This session will address common medical conditions that affect the larynx and treatments for them, as well as useful tips for maintaining laryngeal hygiene and health of the vocal fold mucosa.


NYU Langone Medical Center
Coles Building:  Room #101
550 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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